Douglas Carswell MP

UKIP’s only MP Douglas Carswell has resigned from the party to stand as an independent member of parliament.

Personally I believe  Clacton voted for UKIP, so a by-election needs to be called. He said himself that when switching a by-election is needed. So what has changed? A week ago he said he was 100% UKIP, what has changed?

He has never been fully UKIP. He will and always will be conservative. Ever since day one he was set out to not include and minimise the role of Nigel Farage. Mr Nuttall our new leader has fought for unity within the party, I believe Carswell has tried his hardest to defy this. UKIP will be better off with out this mess in our party.

Douglas, call a by-election and close the door behind you, we have a party to run.


Kieron Gibson


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