2017 General Election

  • As of writing this Jeremy Corbyn has pulled to within 5 points in the polls behind the Prime Minister Theresa May.

I personally believe that this election will be a lot closer than many predict. It will be either a coalition governement between Lib-Lab-SNP or a narrow Tory majority.


Conservative 331

Labour 232

Lib Dem 8

SNP 56

Other 33


Conservatives may get up to 340 maximum and Labour may get 260 maximum. Meaning if we did get a Prime Minister Corbyn we would get a deputy PM Sturgeon. I know the thought of that many will see as scary and some may love.

This is a conservative election to lose and Theresa May needs to step up her game and campaign a lot harder to see her majority rise or even retain.

UKIP may win one seat. It is unlikely but it will either be Hartlepool or Thurrock. Nuttall I personally do not think is a good leader to replace a man like Farage. Well I think UKIP’s vote share will half at least because they are standing like half the candidates and people are switching to Conservative.

Lets see what happens. I will keep you updated with regular posts!


Kieron Gibson



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